The Truth About Holborn Assets & Holborn Property Investments

Sharing with you my experience of Holborn Property Investments, here I detail my factual first hand account of working for Holborn Assets…

Manipulating Trustpilot reviews

From the Holborn Assets CEO….

As we believe that online reputation is very important, we’d like to note that, from now on, you will be receiving a brand new Trustpilot Review leaderboard Newsletter each quarter. The Newsletter will include the advisers and team leaderboards as well as selected reviews by Holborn clients.

A communication sent companywide 6th September 2022 read as follows….

The Trustpilot Challenge

You could earn x,xxx AED (or local equivalent) just for asking your clients to review you on Trustpilot!


The advisor who gets the most Trustpilot reviews during September will receive x,xxx AED. (Minimum 10 reviews!)

All you need to do is invite your clients to review you by sending them this link: (web link) and ask them to name you in the review.

At the start of October we’ll contact the winner and get your x,xxx AED sent across!

So consultants are being financially incentivised whilst clients are being cherry picked??

My own Trustpilot review

For a company that advocate and incentivise Trustpilot reviews, I left my own review online detailing my first hand experience of the company. As with my previous chapters, it was 100% true in substance and fact. I left this review on Trustpilot at 14:56 on 17th April.

As they did with my Godaddy website, Holborn Assets have reported my 1 star review. As per the Trustpilot website, “Holborn Assets flagged this review for containing harmful or illegal content.

This “report” was made by 16:24 17th April.

A company hellbent to conceal the truth and maintain an image of being “a friendly, multi-award winning family company with an international footprint and British values of integrity and respect for all.”

Seemingly, the “online reputation being very important” only applies to 5 star reviews. Anything truthful and less will be reported and removed!

One response to “Manipulating Trustpilot reviews”

  1. Former employee avatar
    Former employee

    Your not the first and won’t be the last.. Others have been unfairly suspended from this company. Its a poor company with a worse reputation. There is a high turnover and this says it all really.They have always paid for results from cash to BBQ equipment! Unfortunately they can get away with it all.They were suspended from trading in 2018 for 3months but managed to get reinstated after 6 weeks by sacrificing an advisor. Whilst commissions are being paid (unlike fees or salary) you will always find a company pushing staff to do more and more ridiculous things for money, whether its trust net reviews or golden visa’s.

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