The Truth About Holborn Assets & Holborn Property Investments

Sharing with you my experience of Holborn Property Investments, here I detail my factual first hand account of working for Holborn Assets…

Holborn Assets Does Not Have A Licence

As I eluded to in one of my previous posts, Holborn Assets DOES NOT have a licence to be selling property in the UAE. The issue of licencing was raised with the Holborn Assets board of directors in 2019, but the response was that, “property is not a regulated product and we were to continue doing our jobs”.

Somewhat of a bold move considering they only had their Insurance Authority licence suspended just 12 months prior. As can be read below.

(Holborn Assets has Dubai licence suspended | International Adviser (

On the 19th July 2022, I was then sent the following email from one of the family members who own Holborn Assets;

As quoted, these “property terms” were not in circulation as of 19th July 2022. These property terms were to allow Holborn Assets to wash their hands of any complaints which may arise from clients investing in property. A get out of jail free card. These terms claiming Holborn was merely an introducer and there only to take a commission on the sale.

The “it’s nothing to do with us” document.

On the contrary, Holborn Assets website explicitly states they provide the following services;

As quoted on the Holborn Assets property website, “You supply the deposit, we’ll take care of the rest“.

To summarise, Holborn Assets will provide the advice, sell you a property, sell you their additional services, take a commission on your purchase BUT should you have any issues, “it’s nothing to do with us”. Becoming clear now why they have to manipulate their Trustpilot reviews.

Is this really a “family company with integrity and respect”???

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