The Truth About Holborn Assets & Holborn Property Investments

Sharing with you my experience of Holborn Property Investments, here I detail my factual first hand account of working for Holborn Assets…

Dubai Courts Order Suspension of Holborn Assets Bank Accounts and other assets Today.

As a result of yet another legal case, Holborn Assets has today, had it’s own Assets frozen in the UAE.

Dubai courts have ruled to seize and freeze all bank accounts and visas. The court addressed the Central bank and found an account with (bank name) and an account with (second bank name). The judges decision was issued to seize Holborn’s assets.

The Central Bank was ordered to sign a precautionary attachment order to seize and freeze the balances and accounts of the defendant company Holborn Assets, Al Shafar Tower, Al Barsha Heights, in the aforementioned banks.

The court is to be provided with bank account numbers and confirmation of the seized balances.

Enquiries from the Department of Land and Property in the UAE have also begun, meaning any property belonging to the defendant is also to be seized.

Evidently this has not been communicated to Holborn staff in the UAE as (Family Guy) threatens cases of slander against those communicating the above.

Holborn Assets have a track record of attracting lawsuits and not paying what it owes. The company continues, as it has done for many years, to operate outside of the law and focuses instead on cleansing the internet of their wrongdoings. This has now led to Dubai Courts of Law taking drastic measures in seizing the companies bank accounts because of their practices.

Freezing Holborn Assets Assets – So bad they named them twice.

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