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Is now a prime time for UK property investments?

It’s no secret that the UK economy is suffering due to Brexit and it’s taking its toll on the pound. With the pound’s performance hitting a two-year low, is now the right time to invest in the UK property market? Let’s take a look at why the Sterling is suffering […]

What is Off-plan Property Investment?

Off-plan investment is an exciting and flexible option for private investors that is gaining in respectability worldwide. Both the UAE and the UK offer established sectors where private investors can gain excellent, long-term returns (in exchange for some risk, of course). And, in South Asia (particularly Vietnam), there are emerging markets that offer great […]

UK House Prices: the Brexit Effect?

Is it a good time to buy a house in the UK? Is Brexit opening up opportunities, or closing down the whole market? Should you hang on and see where we are after the March 2019 Brexit deadline passes? With conflicting figures flying around in the press every week, here’s […]