The Truth About Holborn Assets & Holborn Property Investments

Sharing with you my experience of Holborn Property Investments, here I detail my factual first hand account of working for Holborn Assets…

  • Lies lies lies – The Managing Director pt1.

    The Managing Partner in Hong Kong wants to discuss problems… I ain’t doing it! In PT1 we looked at a number of issues surrounding the Managing Director including underhand tactics, vindictive lies, racist behaviour etc, in this chapter we will look specifically at the lies told, the effect it had on, not only myself but… Continue reading


    Spending all of that money paying 2 lots of lawyers to send a catalogue of threats, attempting to shut down my website, removing Trustpilot reviews and try to cleanse the Internet of the truth all whilst parent website is directing traffic to my site! It’s almost as though they want the world to know… Continue reading

  • Manipulating Trustpilot reviews

    Manipulating Trustpilot reviews

    From the Holborn Assets CEO…. “As we believe that online reputation is very important, we’d like to note that, from now on, you will be receiving a brand new Trustpilot Review leaderboard Newsletter each quarter. The Newsletter will include the advisers and team leaderboards as well as selected reviews by Holborn clients.“ A communication sent companywide 6th… Continue reading

  • Holborn Assets Legal Defence Inc. Licencing…. Or lack of!

    In this chapter I am going to explore a number of Holborns legal defences and the untruth surrounding these. As with all my previous updates, I will only publish what is 100% true in substance and fact. My offer letter Job Title: Property Operations Manager Remit: To build and establish a comprehensive end to end… Continue reading

  • Pt2. Post Termination Events, Cancelled Wages, Blackmail & “Leavers NDA”

    In this chapter, I am going to detail events that transpired post termination. As with the previous blogs, this will only contain information that is 100% true in substance and fact as to avoid further legal threats and accusations of defamation. Additionally a number of conversations took place post termination via a variety of methods… Continue reading

  • Priority: Shut him up! “TAKE DOWN THE SITE”

    Priority: Shut him up! “TAKE DOWN THE SITE”

    Holborn’s second lawyer approached my previous webhost accusing me of copyright infringement relating to some of the information I published in PT1. They were successful in their first attempt to silence me with my previous host. My previous host was “unable to determine who was right or wrong” and defaulted to a, computer said no… Continue reading

  • We are back

    We are back

    Apologies to everyone who has been visiting the site since it was launched, we have literally had thousands of visitors in the first few weeks and I have been working hard to bring out the truth. Unfortunately we were targeted by Holborn and a second law firm they have instructed in a bid to “take… Continue reading

  • The truth about Holborn Assets Pt.1.

    Intro I’ve deliberated for a while whether to write this blog of my experience working for Holborn Assets. I’ve really wanted to share my experience and how recent events spanning a period of 5 months have had a negative affect on both my physical and mental health. I have segregated pt1 into chapters outlining details… Continue reading

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