Andrew Pigott

first got involved in property investments 23 years ago, since then I have worked in all aspects, building houses, letting agencies, underwriting, development and property sales. I spent 11 years in the Middle East working in the financial services industry to expats. Five years ago my understanding of the property market made me realise that clients not only needed to diversify their investments in to property, but needed a one stop solution they could rely on. Clients don’t have spare time ,so they need someone they can trust to not only find the correct property but to help them through the process through to finding a tenant and managing the property for them.

This "Complete Property Solution" has grown over the years and been adopted by the industry.

I realised that no two clients are the same and we needed to be totally independent, this allows us to use any developer we want and not just the one we are tied to, for the client it means they have a choice of 10 projects that are constantly changing to keep ahead of the market.

To fully benefit the clients, this operation has to be based in the UK so I returned several years ago. This allows me to source the best developments for the clients, oversee the various stages of buying a property and even allows me to show clients round the developments.

Not only is the concept and the brand "Complete Property Solutions" the market leader but this allows Holborn Property to offer an unrivalled service to their clients from start to finish.