The Truth About Holborn Assets & Holborn Property Investments

Sharing with you my experience of Holborn Property Investments, here I detail my factual first hand account of working for Holborn Assets…

  • Ensuring Everyone Tells The Same Lie

    Ensuring Everyone Tells The Same Lie

    In keeping with the incestual structure of Holborn Assets, the companies “witness” list nominated to give “evidence” against me emphasises the importance of everybody sticking to the same set of lies and script. PeeWee has created quite a problem for Holborn. Given his inability to tell the truth, Holborn Assets needs to ensure the same… Continue reading

  • Loan Notes – Holborn Assets cash cow.

    So lets talk loan notes…. offering 24% returns to investors over 2 years but on top of these returns, also paying Holborn Assets DOUBLE DIGIT* commissions for offloading this product onto unsuspecting clients. *Although Holborn do tell their sales staff that the gross commissions received are a lot less. Meaning the Holborn board bank a… Continue reading

  • Holborn Frozen Assets

    As published on Companies House, Holborn Assets has recently felt the need to change the name of its property company from Holborn Property Developments to Valsheda Estates. Given the company was only incorporated in Jan 2023, there can’t be too many reasons to disassociate the division with the Holborn name. Coincidentally, it seems it may… Continue reading

  • Dubai Courts Order Suspension of Holborn Assets Bank Accounts and other assets Today.

    Dubai Courts Order Suspension of Holborn Assets Bank Accounts and other assets Today.

    As a result of yet another legal case, Holborn Assets has today, had it’s own Assets frozen in the UAE. Dubai courts have ruled to seize and freeze all bank accounts and visas. The court addressed the Central bank and found an account with (bank name) and an account with (second bank name). The judges… Continue reading

  • Holborn Assets Client Database Downloaded & For Sale

    The Time is Now!! Following the GDPR breaches that directly affected myself and my own personal data, I was contacted reference the closing of the Sri Lanka office and its correlation with said regulatory breaches. During my tenure, Holborn Assets had strict procedures around staff attempting to print their client lists or any data off.… Continue reading

  • Data Breaches background

    Data Breaches background

    In the modern day, data breaches by companies are taken extremely seriously, but even more so by regulatory bodies, fines can run in the tens if not hundreds of millions. For especially severe violations, listed in Art. 83(5) GDPR, the fine framework can be up to 20 million euros, or in the case of an undertaking,… Continue reading

  • Shhhhhhri Lanka!

    Shhhhhhri Lanka!

    As with all posts, the previous blog about GDPR breaches was initially written about myself and the misuse of my personal information. 99% of what has been written in my previous posts has come from actual first hand experience of Holborn Assets. Well, that was until I mentioned 4 small letters, that have been inherently… Continue reading

  • GDPR Breaches

    Whilst the previous post was based on the subject of Holborn Assets operating illegally, it’s probably a fitting time to discuss GDPR breaches and how Holborn management spam prospects with the promises of “12% guaranteed returns” etc. These emails are sent despite contacts not giving any consent for Holborn Assets to hold their personal information… Continue reading

  • Holborn Assets Does Not Have A Licence

    Holborn Assets Does Not Have A Licence

    As I eluded to in one of my previous posts, Holborn Assets DOES NOT have a licence to be selling property in the UAE. The issue of licencing was raised with the Holborn Assets board of directors in 2019, but the response was that, “property is not a regulated product and we were to continue… Continue reading

  • The MD pt2 and the “New Property Era” launching 11th May. (Again).

    A new era for Holborn Assets Property set to launch on 11th May. What, again? I know! In this chapter we will continue to delve into the lies told to manipulate situations and how yet another “new era” will be launched on 11th May is an exercise in smoke and mirrors designed to paper over… Continue reading

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